Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here Will Be The Eleventh Doctor

So this is him in 2010, Matt Smith. He'll be 27 when he appears on television as the Doctor. He's worked in television for just two years, and has been in theatre for slightly longer.

What do I think of him? So far, I like what I see, even though I've only seen this six minute interview. But I think his voice, the way he moves his hands as he speaks, and above all his hair will make him a quite distinctive Doctor eleven. I suspect they might play up the detective aspects of his character a little more this time, as well as his alienness. Again, this last is because of the hair, and that very extraordinary jawline.

Russell T Davies has been concerned with humanizing the Doctor, giving him attachments, domesticity. That's been terrific, and we've seen a story over these last four years of the Doctor losing his home and gaining a new one. Smith's Doctor, if I may wildly speculate, seems poised – under Steven Moffat's planning, of course – to be an alien again. Not necessarily alienated from their human friends, as Colin, Sylvester, and Christopher were; but certainly returning the charismatic strangeness to him again. I can imagine Smith and Moffat taking the Doctor into an area more reminiscent of Tom Baker, only with a higher level of sensuality. A kind of weird prince of time.

Pretentious of me, isn't it? Still, 2010 is going to be a good year for this show.

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