Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to Jam

Chris Morris, Britain’s most brutal and uncompromising provocateur satirist, created a six episode sketch show several years ago, called Jam. The sketches are not what most people call funny, and are mostly terrifyingly disturbing. The tone of sketches are unsettling, with most of the rhythms of comedy removed, and the cinematography sometimes starkly from another world. Here’s a sketch typical of its unsettling insanity, where a man comes to fix a television that has had lizards pouring out of it for the past day.

And this one, which is just plain strange.

I encourage you all to see all the Jam that youtube has to offer. But it’s not for the easily (or possibly) offended, or those whose personality isn’t already disturbed enough to find this funny. I laughed like a beast, especially the man who launches himself into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment by being shredded to sludge in a woodchipper.

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