Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hamilton, Ontario: Home of GI Joe

So while perusing Shortpacked! this evening, I discovered that the comic's creator, David Willis, is going to be in Hamilton on May 2 for the annual Canadian GI Joe convention. As it turns out, Hamilton hosts the convention every year, which is just plain awesome. I'm tempted to go down myself just to check out what happens at a convention based around a toy that is also a Real American Hero™ in Canada.

"Too bad your ass got sacked!"

"Don't just stand around when your house catches fire. Get the fuck out of there!"

The manuscript for A Small Man's Town was officially completed Sunday night, and it took me a day to get over the weird initial high upon finishing such a large, consuming piece of writing. I've already started doing research and making inquiries as to publishing and getting an agent, but the key element of the job is done.

Also, I've been accepted to present a paper at the International Conference of the Book at University of Edinburgh this October. I was accepted on the basis of an abstract, which means that over the next month, I actually have to write my paper on the problems of peer review as encouraging orthodoxy and marginalizing genuinely revolutionary philosophical work. Even better is the fact that I'll get to visit my friend Ray and his wife/mind-melded life partner Erin while I'm there, and finally see something of a country other than Canada.

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